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lirik lagu i don’t need the pain – stabilizers


after all this time why did you come back?
i’m not really blind and you should know that
when it fell apart you had to run away
now you’re looking for a fresh start — no, not today
i don’t need the pain — i don’t need to feel the rain
i don’t need to let you in — i don’t need that pain again
i don’t need the pain — and i can feel the rain begin
you play a game i’ll never win — i don’t need the pain again
i can’t understand what you could want here
maybe we could make new plans before you disappear
i’ve got to keep my head, keep my direction
to follow you instead would mean infection
it’s my just reward — to watch you go through that door
to watch you fly away — to watch you feel the same
yes it’s time to go — yes i’m saying no