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lirik lagu i give, you take – maria


if you cut, i will bleed, bring me down to my knees
you make me feel what i am is never good enough
can you help me understand, thought i made you a better man
i guess somehow along the way, things just change

it seems just like a distant memory
that you used to be good for me
but, baby, now it’s clear

i give you take, somehow it’s gonna break
i pray for the strength, i hate to say
i know we can’t go on this way
i give you take, i know we’re gonna break
and it hurts my soul, i hate to say
we can’t go on this way

with your words you pull me in, i always lose i just can’t win
and though i see my heart is blind, it gives in every time
you’ve got me on constant repeat, i need a cure or a remedy
’cause if i stay there won’t be, nothing left for me…

now there’s nothing left for us to save ’cause only bitterness remains
what we have is like a house of cards and it’s falling apart
and it’s impossible to get it back with the bridges that you’ve burned
i guess it’s time to walk away ’cause now it’s so clear…