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lirik lagu i hate everything – george strait

he was sitting there beside me throwing doubles down
when he ordered up his third one he looked around
then he looked at me, said i do believe i’ll have one more
he said i hate this bar and i hate to drink
but on second thought tonight i think i hate everything

then he opened up his bill-fold and threw a 20 down
and the faded photograph fell out and hit the ground
and i picked it up, he said thank you bud, i put it in his hand
he said i probably ought to throw this one away
’cause she’s the reason i feel this way, i hate everything

i hate my job, i hate my life and if it weren’t for my two kids i’d hate my ex-wife
i know i should move on and try to start again
but i just can’t get over her leaving me for him
then he shook his head and looked down at his ring and said i hate everything

he said one bedroom apartment where i get my mail
is really not a home, it’s more like a jail
with a swimming pool and a parking lot view, man that’s just great
i hate summer, winter, fall and spring
red and yellow, purple, blue and green, i hate everything


so i pulled out my phone and i called my house
i said babe i’m comin’ home, we’re gonna work this out
i paid for his drinks and i told him thanks, thanks for everything

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