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lirik lagu i just wanna be mad – terri clark

last night we went to bed not talking
cause we already said to much
i face the wall you faced the window
bound and determined not to touch

we’ve been married 7 years now
some days if feels like 21
i’m still mad at you this morning
coffee’s ready if you want some
i’ve been up since 5
thinking about me and you
and i’ve got to tell you
the conclusion i’ve come to

i’ll never leave, i’ll never stray
my love for you will never change
but i ain’t ready to make up or get around to that
i think i’m right i think your wrong
i’ll probably give in before long
please don’t make me smile
i just want to be mad for awhile

for now you might as well forget it
don’t run your fingers through my hair
yeah that’s right i’m being stubborn
no i don’t want to go back upstairs
i’m going to leave for work
without a goodbye kiss
but as i’m driving off
just remember this

[chorus twice]

i just want to be mad for awhile
i just want to be mad for awhile
i just want to be mad for awhile

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