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lirik lagu i’ll die – floetry

we are who we choose to be.
i’m responsible for me.

if i stay right here,
i’ll die inside.
ran out of tears,
i can barely get by.
it’s fair to say,
that we tried.
you know i wanna stay,
if i do, i’ll die.

[verse 1:]
coulda been another one of those,
coulda made it,
shoulda made it,
woulda made it,
had i gave it,
just a little bit more of my time.
just a little focus,
coulda broke this,
woulda woke this,
shoulda choked this,
had i chose bliss i’dve left this infatuation,
far behind,
i’ll exchange my mind,
no more wasting time,
this process is mine,
in your eyes,
my reflection is blind,
in your arms i decide,
this is our last night,
i have to leave you.
i have to be true.
(so long for you and i.)


[verse 2:]
been a addicted,
to the burden of the gifted,
to the sermon of the shifted,
always praying to be lifted.
always settling,
never bettering.
how’m i gonna win,
if i’m not listening.
always asking for
never noticing,
every move i make,
this game’s reacting in,
perfect symmetry,
i’m my destiny,
must invest in me,
or i’m just gonna be,
victim of circ-mstance,
all is left to chance,
how can i enhance?
i’m afraid to dance.
i must break this trance,
’cause it’s deafening,
so i’m breathing in.
i’m breathing in.
breath to get control of me.
i have to breath.
i have to be.


what’s the use of living here,
if i don’t feel alive?
denied mistakes,
so much i’ve done.
so much to cry.
i cry.


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