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lirik lagu i love this bar – sammy hagar and the wabos


well, we got winners, we got losers
chain smokers and boozers
and we got high techs, we got bikers
and plenty of thirsty hitchhikers

and the girls next door
dress up like movie stars
i love this bar

and we got divorcees and a big ol’ bouncer man
we got dancing girls, we got a d-mn good band
we got waitresses, yeah, we got bar flies
we got a dumb -ss, we got a wise guy

and if we get too drunk
you can sleep out in your car
i sure love this bar

i love my bar, my kind of place
by just walking through that front door
it puts a big smile on my face
no cover charge, come as you are
i love this bar

and i like my truck, i like my old lady
i like to take her out to dinner
take in a movie now and then

but i love my bar, it’s my kind of place
we’re just strolling around the dance floor
keeps a big smile on my face
it ain’t too far, so come as you are
i sure love this bar

’cause we got red heads, we got dead-heads
we got a bunch of juicers and potheads
and we got cabo, now we got tahoe
come on, baby, the whole world’s gonna wabo

and we all know just exactly
who we are, don’t we now?
i love this bar
well, i love this bar
yes, i do, yeah, man