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lirik lagu i love you 1000 times – the platters

remember love notes, the teacher found in school.
the whole cl-ss laughting, gee i felt just like a

but that’s not the very part about i, i had to write
1 thousand times.

that i love you, i love you!
i love you, i love you!
girl i love you, 1 thousand times.

the love notes i treasured, loving you was not a sin.
punishment was pleasure, whoo i’d do it all over again.

i wrote, and i wrote, till my fingers got sore,
but i had to write just a little bit more.

did you read my letters it’s been on my mind?
all that it said was girl i love you one thousand times.

from then untile this very same day,
i still feel that same old way.

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