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lirik lagu i’m alright – master p

i’m too strong to lose, i mean
my hustlin skills keep me in the game
i’ve got too much paper to fall off
man you can take all kind of shots at me i’ll bounce back

[chorus: repeat 2x]
you only get one life my n-gg-
and they steady throwin stones but i’m alright my n-gg-
the same way they did christ my n-gg-
but i ain’t mad at ’em, they hurtin and i’m alright my n-gg-

[master p]
see “i’m a hustla” homey and you a customer homey
i ain’t c-ssidy or jigga but you can’t touch me homey
i get my money from the block n-gg- the ghetto bill gates
i got n-gg-z on my team from the south to the bay
i didn’t change when i made it i kept stackin my bacon
i’m on the block hustlin hard like i’m black and jamaican
first they love you then hate you, man these b-tches’ll break you
from the streets to the pen, man these n-gg-z’ll fade you
man yo’ mother could take you, man yo’ brother could hate you
i got cousins tryin to kill each other, catchin the vapors
disown ya mayne, run up on ya mayne
pops said what don’t kill you make you stronger mayne


[master p]
n-gg-z rattin for cream, rappers switchin up teams
i’m like michael jordan n-gg- i’m tryin to follow my dream
real n-gg-z gon’ feel me, see these streets’ll kill me
but i’m out here thuggin tryin to feed these children
turn my family against me, man these cops’ll flip me
play my records if i die, like radio miss me
ghetto n-gg-z made history, then the media hit me
i guess i ain’t controversy enough like game and 50
i’m from the streets my n-gg-, pack that heat my n-gg-
i’m a boss but suit and ties that ain’t me my n-gg-
i’m from the hood my n-gg-, what’s good my n-gg-
uptown, callope, i’m a bull my n-gg-
i’m on the block gettin paper n-gg- you can’t hate me n-gg-
my son worth seven figures you can’t break me n-gg-
i’m on the grind gettin cheddar and cheese
and i started in the ghetto back in new orleans
i’m a hustler homey


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