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lirik lagu i’m shinin’ – the pack

[verse 1:]
step through the door she peeking
i need the girl she eyein’
she want me i know it
my neck look like it’s snowin’
i’m a lonestar like texas
she on my d-ck like magnums
gold wrappas little sonny
yellow diamonds on my chain make my neck look sunny
never bun b vans on my feet
tiny toon tickles shine bright see the teeth
got cheese gotta watch out for rats
i’m bigger than the mice so i keep the mouse traps
a lot of snakes in my hood gotta keep a low gr-ss
nicknamed “jeff” ’cause i’m known for killin’ tracks
b-ss wood (b-ss wood) punk rock (punk rock)
ice so right all you gotta do is stop

[chorus: x2]
diamonds they gleamin’ i’m icey they cheesin’ (hey)
b-tch i’m shinin’ (somebody’s watchin’ me)
b-tch i’m shinin’

[verse 2:]
diamonds on neck (neck), diamonds on my watch piece
gleam watch the gleam rock game caranthang
girls say d “why are you lookin’ so cold?”
i don’t know but the carats in my neck look froze
like mess toe do’s get on my hype
gotta have nice toes to get on my bike
that b-tch big -ss and the cast look right
fresh, fresh everyday makes my belt look tight
don’t play no games when i’m in the club
all my n-gg-s get back and they’re rollin’ up dubs
get hit with the chopper you’re back to the rug
see me off for when i should’ve lean
homies f-ck her, watch me should’ve lean
young n-gg- got ice and i’m feelin’ so fresh
n-gg-s gettin’ money and we all fillin’ checks
my n-gg-s gettin’ money and we all fillin’ checks (hey)

[chorus x2]

[verse 3:]
2, 800 i’m a crack street stunner
diamonds shinin’ blue like thunder
pops see the ice pop give me the number
brisk color or p-ss i’m stuntin’ in dis b-tch (b-tch)
red ice, green ice, she’s on my d-ck
yellow stones in my ear, baby, i got tips
rippers h-t my sidekick she’s fiendin’ for that stunners stick
my pr-ck, my wrist, she love that sh-t
and i’m single handcuff you b-tch
she like i’m icey my vans on no nike’s
i’m about dollars and i’m even about cents
you’re tripping off a b-tch, you ain’t even makin’ sense
i’m ridin’ down the strip i’m puffing purple sh-t
and i’m thinkin’ how to get a hundred thousand out a b-tch (yeah)

[chorus x2]

[verse 4:]
yeah, a b-tch i’m shinin’
visible set vvs white diamonds
yea so what you know about this
one key on my keyboard look like p-ss
can’t see no gold on the mold
just ice so i talk kinda cold
fake stones on a girl that’s nasty
diamonds touch you, sh-t don’t ask me
fresh off the plane from the atl
mixin’ my alb-m and my sh-t’s gonna sell
i’d keep it on the low but you’re b-tch gonna tell
all my n-gg-s rock ice and we shine real well
b-tch and i’m gonna raise h-ll
gotta jug you, n-gg-, for i drop this mail
watch it rain on a bop watch her shake that tail i’m a stunner
n-gg- (a stunner n-gg-)

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