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lirik lagu i make maps – stairs


i am a valuable man
i collapse upon command, i am
replaceable cartridge of
talented muscle
i work the trickster shift
i fall upon the moon
in the cold light of reason
i am the cup that overflows
i am a minister to
the millionaire academy
all the houses say we are
a talented nothing
after the deluge
when the bees have gone to bed
i ride the star-eyed ferry
and when i am alone
i make maps, i make maps, i make maps
that’s what i do
and when you fall asleep
i make maps of you
i am the rage against

the ending of our days
a free radical
at the party of parties
i carry holly
on boughs to the brigade
the soldier in irons
lies down on the lam
out of the office
and onto the highway
radiate me, baby
i am catch as catch can
and when i finish
the last will be the first
my wish is your command
and in the big room
i am the grocer boy
i am the lucky one
i am the confidant of the heart-broken angels
i am the new machine
the airship submarine
i am the answer
the silence is broken