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lirik lagu i need you – the troggs

i came home the other night
much to your surprise
the blinds were down, the lights were dim
love was in your eyes

table lit by candle light
a record playing low
and from the room i heard a voice
a voice i didn’t know
say ‘i need you
i need you’

can you imagine how i felt?
to know like someone else
making love to you in there
should have been myself

i couldn’t speak
i couldn’t cry
my heart was filled with pain
and as i turned to walk away i heard his voice again

say ‘i need you
i need you’

i felt so sad i had to take a walk outside
to find out what went wrong and if i really tried
to love you girl
and be there when you needed me in spite of what you’d done
i love you hopelessly

you’ve got such a pretty face
that’s why you appeal to him
but he don’t know you like i do
’cause you say everything
you say that you love me
now just look at what you’ve done
’cause you’ve got one more in your arms
another on the run

’cause i need you
i need you
i need you
i need you
i need you
i need you

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