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lirik lagu i reach the winter twilight – evilfeast

eternity is relentless, this notion har-sses me
induces that all is worth nothing, the p-ssing frightens
you may speak of darkness at ease until you’re touched by
its cold
until it stops remaining an abstract term
infinity takes away what seems to be worth and might
each of mights decline and disappear…
if the immortality opened as a horizon over this snowy
as the circle closed at last
delusion would spout, the force of all deeds
nihilism would be shed as pest embittering the hearts of
a rabble
would these considered the martial ones stand against it
it approaches…
to touch this knowledge is a soul torment
only winter transfers it to the dimension i may conceive
its cruelty hardly subst-tute of a true great cold
which will deliever a battle condemned to failure at dawn
thus i did it once under the moon
confrontation of worths with what turns them into dust
i reached the winter twilight though won’t reach this
until it calls me by itself…

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