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lirik lagu i run shit – dmx

(feat. big stan)

man are you for real?
you n-gg-z cant be f-cking serious
you not for real. you gotta be playing
you better walk away

i run sh-t here, y’all just sit here
do y’all n-gg-z know what it took for me to get here
i’m gonna stay here, earn my way here
you can f-ck around if you want but we don’t play here
we get through that, run right through that
that’s how we do that, y’all n-gg-z knew that
two alb-ms in one year three alb-ms in two
didn’t i just f-cking tell y’all n-gg-z that’s how we do
you wasn’t even f-cking listening when i just said
what i said, you get that, what i just said
i run sh-t here f-ck y’all n-gg-z
jail what i said i used to duck y’all n-gg-z
motherf-cker i’m grown and that’s all to it
y’all leave a child on his own and i’m gonna do it
f-ck i done did it, sh-t it
you ain’t even half way close to being with it forget it

[chorus – dmx]
i run sh-t, i run sh-t here
i run sh-t, i run sh-t here
i run sh-t here, i run sh-t
i run sh-t here, i run sh-t
i run sh-t, i run sh-t here
i run sh-t, i run sh-t here
i run sh-t here, i run sh-t
i run sh-t here, i run sh-t

i run sh-t here, what’s my name
getting’ down for real f-ck my fame
played too many games and the games gone catch up with you
fame n-gg-z make stretcha catch up with you quicka
you that n-gg- oh for real you that n-gg-
let me show you how we do that n-gg-
see, y’all cats are small cats
and n-gg-z like us aren’t gonna believe that
we takin all that fall back
get down, lay down, sit down
stay down, head round. hey now
does a n-gg- wanna get a little off his mind
i’m a n-gg- that will hit a n-gg- off his time
go off his spine, brains in the air
flames to the hair cause the game ain’t fair
and i’ll take it there f-ckin’ with the right one baby
got that, we tryin’ to light one baby


[big stan]
i’ve done sh-t here my guns spit here
y’all might live here but i run sh-t here
blood sweats and tears for years just to sit here
think i’m about to let you n-gg-z get here
cowards are stupid if you wanna see me prove it
try and take my position watch a quick a n-gg- lose it
make you get all my sh-t and have you fearing for your life
every time you see me roll up or ride up on a bike
dressed in all black with my pistol in your sight
but it will be my man in all white that walks up with a knife
i’m a big boy baby i don’t play with you thin n-gg-z
getting my hands dirty when there’s beef i send n-gg-z


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