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lirik lagu i still like bologna – alan jackson

satellite communications
long distance
internet relations
the world’s
a little faster every day
i know it’s all
well and good
and i don’t embrace it
like i should
but i wouldn’t wanna go
backwards even if i could

but i still
like bologna
on white bread
now and then
and the sound
of a whippoorwill
down a country road
the gr-ss between my toes
and that sunset sinking low
and a good woman’s love
to hold me close
i like my 50 inch
hd plasma

feels like
they just reach out
and grab you
500 channels
at my command
i finally gave in
and got a cell phone
that i hardly
ever seem to turn on
i guess i never had
that much to say


i got a laptop
that sits on a desk
i don’t use it much
except to check
on some ole car
from yesterday
i kinda like
that music thang
you just download ’em
and you can save about
every song
that’s ever been made


well i guess
what i’ve been
trying to say
this digital world
is okay
it makes life better
iin a lot of ways
but it can’t make
the smell of spring
or sunshine or lots
of little things
we take for granted
every day


yeah, bologna
a woman’s love
and a good cell phone

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