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lirik lagu i think of you (shirley’s song) – teedra moses

i don’t have many words to say
it’s been over a year since you left that day
i’m trying to be everything you said i could and would be
this little world we live in is plagued with fear
try to find a guy like you said i should when you were here
i think of you and…
somehow problems they don’t seem so hard
it’s all you endured in your life, you are…

and if i cried a million times you must have died a million times from the pain
(oh) mama i miss you, but i know you made it whole again
this one’s for you girl
my little shirley girl
oh i miss you

and i want you all to know that i’m trying
to every one here in my heart, i’m trying
and i could never regret you, sweet baby yes
it’s so hard trying to raise a boy to a man (ooh oh)

i think of you and…
somehow i can make it through another day
cause i want the best for your life

and if i tried a million times i couldn’t find a love closer to get (oh)
mama’s little angels
you’re the reason why..
this one’s for you boy
my little angel
my savior

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