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lirik lagu i will – jimmy wayne

so you’re the one
ive waited on
the one i’ve been dreaming of

now that i know
it’s hard to let go
i don’t wanna lose your love

what can i do
i cant make you stay here
but if you should choose
to go your own way

whereever you’re going
whenever you turn
remember this moment
remember these words

i will
i will give up my life for you, if you want it.
i’ll give you my heart, you already own it.
i’ll do anything,
i’ll go any where
it’s true,
i will,
i will,
i will.

i look in your eyes,
and i see our life
so full of happiness.
do you see the same?
just someone you play
for things that you might’ve missed.

i don’t wanna weigh you down like an anchor.
but if that’s how you see me now i will pleather,
let you go free
just sail away
if that’s what you need
if that’s what it takes

[repeat chorus]

if everyday is going to steel you away
if you feel you need someone to hold you
i will
if you ever need some one to
talk to someone who really knows you
yes i will

give up my life for you if you want it
give you my heart you already own it
i’ll do anything
i’ll go anywhere
it’s true
i will
i will
i will
i will.
love you

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