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lirik lagu i would die for you – mercyme

and i know that i can find you here
’cause you promised me you’ll always be there
times like these, it’s hard to see
but somehow i have a peace, you’re near
and i pray that you will use my life
in whatever way your name is glorified
even if surrendering
means leaving everything behind

my life has never been this clear
now i know the reason why i’m here
you never know why you’re alive
until you know what you would die for
i would die for you

and i know i don’t have much to give
but i promise you i will give you all there is
can i possibly do less
when through your own death i live?

no greater love is found
than of those who lay their own lives down
as sure as i live and breathe
now i know what it means to be free

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