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lirik lagu if not for the storms – larnelle harris


if not for the storms

if all i had were blue skies
and days of perfect peace
or sailing over gentle quiet seas
there’s so much about you
i might have never known
but i have faced the wind and waves
and i see how faith has grown

if not for the storms
i couldn’t say you were my shelter
if not for the storms
i would never known your strength
cause i found you so faithful
through all that you allow
if not for the storms
there’s no way i’d know you
as i know you now

a shepherd strong and tender i’d only read about
met me in the middle of my moments filled without
a provider, a protector
a friend who knew my need
there’s so much i can tell
of who you proved yourself to me

sometimes its hard to see the reason for the trials i am in
looking from this earthly point of view
but you have surely proven to me time and time again
i can depend on you to bring me through