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lirik lagu if only you believe – jonathan udoh


solo 1:
if you have faith like the grain
of the master seed
you will say,
to this mountain be thou remove
and be cast into the sea,
if you believe with your whole heart, hum
you will have your miracle today
if only you believe

if only you believe (if only you believe eh)
if only you believe (believe)
everything will be alright.
(repeat chorus)

solo 2:
there’ll be no barrenness in your land
if you believe,
look up to jesus
the author of your faith
you will have a miracle
he will turn your pain into praise, hum
you will see the glory of the lord,
if only you believe.
(repeat chorus & solo 1)

do you believe (i believe) 8 xs
everything will be alright

everything will be alright (4xs)

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