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lirik lagu if you only – amiss

i run away
i try to see if i’m better without you
make me stay
but you’re too crushed to lift up your face
i realize
i can’t make it out here so alone
i look to your eyes
filled with bleeding tears cried for me

if you only knew
you are the one inside my heart above all it’s you
if you only knew
despite mistakes you might have made you’re still the only one
if you only knew
everytime i see your face i get lost in your eyes
if you only kenw

what have i done
i’m filled with regrets overtaking
you are the one
the only one i need to carry on
let’s start again
i’ve made mistakes could you forgive me
i need you to live
can’t you tell? without you i’m nothing


words can’t explain
words can’t describe
all i contain
i cannot hide it

words can’t explain all i contain for you
words can’t describe and i cannot hide it
but i can’t tell you


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