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lirik lagu i’m a star – scott alan


someone give me a chance
and just watch me break through,
i deserve to be seen,
this dream feels way overdue.

i was born to perform
more than anyone knows.
i have p-ssion and guts,
i want this and it shows.

i have fought, i have cried.
i’ve been broke, i’ve been bruised.
yet at the end of the day
this life is what i still choose.

i am song, i am dance,
all i need is a break.
this is all that i am,
someone give me the chance.

i am more than the average no one
one chance–
just to prove to you i am someone.

let me sing for you now
more than just 16 bars.
if you give me a chance
you’ll discover a star.

i will risk everything
if that’s what it takes.
i can be what you want,
i know all that’s at stake.

all the strength and the will,
all the vigor and fight,
when i stand on that stage
watch my spirit take flight.

there’s a dream i antic-p-ted
just you wait–
’cause you know i’ll be celebrated.

i just need you to see
all the hope and the drive.
this is all that i know,
it’s what keeps me alive.

i know everything i need to know,
i know every song.
just give me a stage and strike the lights,
i will prove i belong.

i have dreamt wide awake,
i have dreamt with my heart.
all i need is a break,
so that the real dream can start.

’cause i’ve worked way to hard
to be brushed off just yet.
time to prove to the world
i’m someone not to forget.

i can’t let all my dreams go nowhere.
i won’t stop–
till the day that i finally get there.

to see my name bright in lights
up there on the marquee.
all i need from you now
is to wake up and see
i’m a star,
a star.

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