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lirik lagu i’m bout money – baby d


[intro ? baby d.]
where my hustlers at, it’s time to get down?

[chorus – blazed] x3
i’m about money, b-tch i’m about money
i’m about money, b-tch i’m about money
b-tch i’m, b-tch i’m about money
i’m on a chase for that paper

[verse 1 ? baby d.]
i’m about money it’s m.o.b.
bens, grants, that’s all i see
brown paper bag, p-ss that to me
grab that duffle bag out the backseat
die for the cheddar i carry that llama
stack it in the winter so i shine this summer
yeah, what you really know about that?
i come like self bring a little back
you want to build a stack?
n-gg- what’s that?
at least spend ten so i can get a good pack
i get guap, understand that
i’m way in the front, y’all way in the back
give me my keys, you not valet
my maserati, your chevrolet
haters can’t stop me i’m on my sh-t
i love guap, baby that’s my b-tch
i always give back to the hood n-gg-
when i roll through they say baby d’s a good n-gg-
feeling good n-gg-
looking good n-gg-
put your knot in the air if you’re a money go getter
now i’m up haters
black stone, black chain i’m vader
h-ll naw not me player
me if you about that paper


[verse 2 ? baby d.]
if you about money
we about money
throw it in the air
make it rain hundreds
i get guap
monday through sunday
never sleep on me
never seen me coming
check my resume, your boy top notch
take it from the rainbow straight to the pot
think i’m broke?
nope i’m not
pants on my ankles, that’s that guap
then, oomp sat down with koch
made them a promise we’ll never ever flop
came from the bottom straight to the top
ain’t been the same since pac
look around this motherf-cker a lot of n-gg-s shocked
while he out he take my spot
a lot of n-gg-s left but i stayed
make you bow down n-gg- give that
never met a n-gg- like me
a-town fresh, gucci from my head to my feet
ten toes, stunting on my bunyan
i wonder how long you can keep them on you
i see a n-gg- laughing but ain’t sh-t funny
straight to the bank i’m counting my money
“a-town’s secret weapon”, yup i’m coming
big oomp records got to keep that b-mping