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lirik lagu i’m fine – amy stoner

everywhere igo, i see your face,
in the light and the darkness that takes place,
everytime i see you, i’m somewhere else,
just like taking a book right off the shelf…
do you know what else goes on, cause it’s running me down

i’m fine just being alone,
i’m fime just being a friend,
i’m fine going out on my own,
i’m fine and will be ’till the end of my life, ’till the end of my life.

sometimes i fell like i have made a mistake,
when i met you, it’s worth everything i take,
in the past, i see everything i know,
in a place that’s been gone, but long ago…
do you know me, why not tell me why or why not


everywhere i go, every where i see,
everything i know, everywhere i’ll be,
everytime i see you there next to me.

everytime i try, to get over you,
you know i’ll be fine, without you,
everytihng you once told me was never true.

“till the end of my life (repeat 2 times)

i’m fine knowing you won’t be there with me (repeat twice)

“till the ned of my life

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