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lirik lagu i’m nobody’s momma – animaniacs


i’m n-body’s mama (from episode 39)
music by deanna oliver.
rita : i’m n-body’s mama
got no family
i’m a career cat
and my career is all about me.
no one can tie me down
i’m going places
straighten up
don’t make those silly sad faces
it’s rude.
kttns: mew?
rita : all right, i’ll get food.
(spoken) but that’s it! after that, you’re on your own.

rita : i’m too independent
they’re so small
how can i care for them?
do i care at all?
i could never stand “help me, mama; feed me, mama
need me, mama; don’t leave me, mama.”
i’d never tolerate that.
on the other hand, “oh, my mama; i love you, mama
i will never leave you, mama.”
no! you’ve got the wrong cat!

rita : and did i mention
they’ll want too much attention
i’ll worry about ’em each day, every minute
i gotta tell you my head isn’t in it.
i won’t let my heart talk
’cause it’s ruled by my biological clock
which is ticking away.
no way!
i mean what i say!
i’m a single cat stray!
i’m n-body’s mama!

transcribed by john payson, olivia d. isaac, david rose and ron o’dell