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lirik lagu i’m not going anywhere – agent 51

my mind is flyin’ round, still pulsing from the sound, oh yeah
forgot to lock the gate, close the book and seal my fate, oh yeah
gotta get back to that one place within my mind
inject the vein and count to ten and die
and just forget that i’m alive
i’m not going anywhere
i may look a little worse for the wear
but i’m not going anywhere
didn’t mean to set things back, felt the pressure made me crack, oh

the blood flow just grinds to a screeching halt
gimme, gimme shock treatment and first degree -ssault
why don’t you tell me it’s my fault?
our minds are still blank, dying from the heat
it hypnotizes, tranquilizes, carryin’ the beat
the lines sound too rehe-rs-d, they’re jumping on the train
we’re carrying the dying soldier, icing up his brain. pain!

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