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lirik lagu i’m right – 22-pistepirkko

they talk about jeff has died
a few years ago
but i don’t believe them
co’s i saw him yesterday
in that empty house
beside the school
where we used to play
play our strange games
where he was me and i was him
they don’t believe me
ma you think i lie
that i’m crazy
but i think you are wrong
and i’m right
ma i’m disappointed
you should know
i never tell you no lie
when i tell this all to old joe
he’ll be by my side
i can count on him
he has never let me down
and after you have talk to him
you must say, that i was right
he said to me: “maybe, maybe you are crazy”
he said: “he ain’t sure, but he is really worried”
i think he is wrong
and i’m right
i think you are wrong
and i’m right

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