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lirik lagu i’m right here – asianize

verse 1-
your personality intrigues mind
your touch seems to electrify
my heart beats a bit too fast
how could she break your heart like that

i’m here for you baby
i’ll always be
i’m down for you baby
i’m right here

how can she
break your heart like that
if she was me
i’d realize what i have
if you’re looking for an answer
to solve your hopes and fears
baby, my baby
i’m right here

verse 2
the way you feel hurts me inside
the way i feel, boy, i just can’t hide
my body shivers and i want to cry
cuz i’m right here… to relax your mind


i fell in love…
i need your touch…
i wanna feel you..
i’m right here to make your dreams come true

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