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lirik lagu (i’m the girl on) wolverton mountain – jo ann campbell

yes, i’m the girl
from wolverton mountain
i wish someone would
make me their wife

i can’t help being lonesome
on wolverton mountain
when your daddy’s handy
with a gun and a knife

they said my lips
were sweeter than honey
but how do they know
when no one’s made the dare
i hate the bears and the birds
on wolverton mountain
they tell my daddy
and it just ain’t fair

many a lad has tried
to climb this mountain
but they never seem
to reach the top

my daddy, clifton clowers
is always there to meet them
his gun and a knife
bring them to a stop


yes, i’m the girl
from wolverton mountain
and if something don’t change
i’ll be an old maid all my life

but i keep hoping somebody
will climb this mountain
and take me to the valley
to be his wife


there’ll be somebody
who really loves me and
he’ll climb up on the mountain
he won’t be killed by clifton clowers…

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