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lirik lagu ima read – azealia banks

ima read

i’m a take that b-tch to college
i’m a give that b-tch some knowledge
understand that your b-tch top novice
just clap your hands
let me get my dollars
smell the trees in the breeze, in the breeze
i’m a weed, i’m a weed, i’m a weed
i’m a dance, i’m a kiki ki
in fact
your man’s gonna meet, meet me
little g, little g, little g
i’m a hand you a free cd
take a chance if you see me be
click clack the engine i rip the fee
betcha bleed, betcha bleed, betcha bleed
n-gg- we, n-gg- we, n-gg- we
‘nother reason to be sneaky
whip up your pants, but you tricky tricks
i’m a- i’m a-
i’m a- that b-tch
i’m a- i’m a- i’m a read
i’m a read, i’m a read, i’m a read

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