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lirik lagu imperfect contrition – dark sermon

the eyes of the heavenly father
rest heavily upon my chest
i can feel their judging gaze
piercing through my flesh

i stab at my reflection
hoping to end it all
i don’t recognize the man i see
but from what i can recall

i have lived a life of shame
and self-disgust
the eyes of the heavenly father
rest heavily upon my soul

i hate myself
and the things that i’ve done
and the life i’ve been forced to endure
i abhor the man i’ve become

these hands have carried out
the evilest of deeds
this mind has been occupied and
demonized by an ent-ty
that this earth has never seen,
on my innocence it feeds
through the fire and the brimstone it leads

i reflect on the years of my life
with great disdain
i can’t claim a life of virtue
myself, i’d sooner maim

i refuse to walk on
continue broken and bent
i feel remorse for the life that i’ve lived
all i can do is repent

for he carries with him
pestilence and famine

for rest-tution, i plead (repent)
for rest-tution, i plead

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