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lirik lagu in case of furture complication – anatomy of a ghost

rewrite the book
chapter three is empty
pure white and hidden in the shadows
one voice moving lips are absent whispers
design for the future
twisting steel frames cells gl-ss walls
observation seating this room
will be full one day
on the rise

shoot when you see the pales of their eyes
climbing up to meet us to take us on
place your arms back in the sockets for
rebuilding from our losses we wont be taken

now in the open windows smearing portrait across the view
reset the stop-watch two days behind
“did i sleep through it?”
consciousness takes control semi trucks and white dotted lines car still in drive
just pull over park getting out to climb the fence
breaks skin falling down on dead leaf covered ground much softer forgives
than harder concrete sidewalks “i just expected more”


or did you forget “did you forget?”
those cold hands on your face
the ones sliding down to your neck and you wont miss the pressure of feet standing on your chest
but thats just how the body reacts when the tare is found
take notice of the trees climbing towards the hole in the sea above limbs have opened the sky
branches cartoon greeting

[chorus x2]

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