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lirik lagu in my bones – blue rodeo


you make me want to laugh
you make me want to cry
make me wake up late at night and wonder why
you wash over me like waves over stones
you’re in my bones
you make me want to get up
and be a better man
make me want to weigh myself against my plans
you were born to me like kings to their thrones
you’re in my bones
you can be what you want to be
i don’t mind
if there’s a season for all things
i hope that’s what we’ll find
but when it’s time for you to go
don’t you worry
don’t look behind
every time you walk out
you take a part of me
a part i hide so deep inside so no one sees
the beauty that n-body owns
you’re in my bones
you walk with me wherever i’m going
you’re in my bones