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lirik lagu in swahili – christi warner



in swahili there’s a saying that the word is broken english
in swahili there’s a saying every key has a lock
in swahili there’s a saying the world is small it’s just a ship
if you don’t do it you won’t gain
it’s your dreams conquer them
they say true words are never beautiful, but listen

verse one:

come on out little bird
don’t hold back, face your fears
i understand your predicament but
the nest is small it’s not the world
spread your wings ‘cause they’re meant to fly
shine; ask the star what’s her secret
dine; for this world has many flavours
you’ll be fine you’re so much stronger than a porcupine
believe; so say the word of god


verse two:

fly away little bird
don’t come home until you’re strong
find me a leaf on top of kilimandjaro
no more sorrow for what’s over
long gone are the days when you thought
you won’t see the clear blue sky
all it took was to turn the key
and there you are…
standing braver than jumbo the elephant
like a child of the universe
like an angel on a swing
bringing promises of sunshine – ooh – like a weatherman

chorus till fade

written by: christi warner (2008) © afrochica entertainment