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lirik lagu in the end – grendel


just another sleepless night. i lay awake thinking of my life. am i really the one i wanted to be?

all this knowledge they share. it has really taken me nowhere. i am still the one i’ve always been.

another day has p-ssed by. another evening turns into night and again i’m thinking was it wrong or was it right?

why i’m destined to lose it all? every time i crash and fall. and the way i live my life. why i fail it every time?

i can not face all this setbacks alone. i am afraid to be left on my own. although you have been there for me my friend, i know i’m going to fail in the end.

they say i got to go on. one day fortune will knock on my door. but after all things i’ve seen, i just can’t believe it.

again on a sleepless night, i sit awake, crying the tears i once hide, and i realize i’m the one i was afraid to be.