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lirik lagu in the shadow of death – bridge to solace

speechless i lay down my head.
shaking from this feeling of emptiness.
every f-cking time i try to create definitions of what my missions are, and why are we brought to this world when the end result is totally f-cked, i choke for air, and tears flow like bleeding rivers from my eyes, down my cheek, ending where once i will lay.
i can never find words to express that how i feel being totally helpless, and alone with this, but i just can never stop worrying about this, even if i end up, and become f-cking nothing, just like everyone else will.
well, i guess, this is natural order, well f-ck that.
and what makes it scarier, are all the people who just try to cash in on this, all those people waiting for it.
no f-cking dogmas can save me, no f-cking higher power can save me.
just myself, and my creativity, all the things i care for, and all the people i just love for being here.
and f-ck, this is why it hurts, this why it hurts.
all the things we lived for, are just going to be f-cking nothing.
just like you.
just like me.
but these are our catalysts to keep us going on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
i can never find words to express that how i feel.
f-ck, i just can never say goodbye.
i hate to say goodbye, it’s unfair to say goodbye, i don’t want to say goodbye.

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