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lirik lagu incubate – chiasm

lies that you created
for too long inside they incubated
overgrown and overworked and overzealous gone berserk
this time that we have wasted
special made like wine that we had tasted
never ripe and never good your purpose so misunderstood

this time
is mine
grown to be inside me
will it leave or will it breed

this hate that we’ve uncovered
every path is leading to another
built inside as anger cried and can’t forget that people died
still blind to human faces
sympathy cools fast with random traces
constant brewing racing back and multiplied we fear attack

this time
is mine
darkened greed an empty seed
still indeed we’ve all been freed

this case
constant state forever
daily task in numbness we persevere
yet to teach a way to reach yet with remorse we stay the course
and charge as once conflicted
must persist and yet we are restricted
once again enough to send a voice to choose as anger brews

this time
falling back
risk attack
all is hate
make us wait
gone berserk
all is waste
had a taste
never good
anger brews
time to choose

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