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lirik lagu indulgence – sleep serapis sleep


hear the words proclaiming the sons of kings.
how hollow it sounds with only talk of prophecy.
here the common man rots, outside these city walls, in
the filth of his majesty.

brace yourself, for it walks within our minds

white smoke distracts from the whispers of corruption,
now silenced by the roar of the crowd.

the gathering is welcoming a sacred paternity
to celebrate the new worlds living deity

a figure appears, dressed like a king, raising his
arms, proclaiming the word:

(these iniquities cannot be cleansed;
i fear the evil implemented by the reign of control.)
and though i’m walking through the valley of death,
the only shadow i see is your silhouette.

(thy kingdom will come to burn in the judgment…)
if we live to see a revelation, i’d stake my soul that
you’ll be one…
(…of the d-mned.) …of the d-mned.

i’ll chain you to the gates of h-ll till the devil
takes you back.

i watch children’s lives crumble to the l-st of men of
the cloth
…preying upon the innocent, choking the life out of

we won’t be a bandage for this impure divinity.
let’s crack its brittle ribcage, and prove that they
are heartless!