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lirik lagu inmense obscurity – exsanguination throne

in this inmense obscurity
it possessed my sense
i’ll get insane trying to decifrate
how to penetrate the diabolic
breath of sathanas…

through the unlimited continuation
of his power who arise
against him will be dragged to the death
with immense pain and suffering

through the malefic and dense fogs his past
has marked the traces
of the infernal cosmos will across in the present
till watch the lights die…
and all that came from himself
with the chaos in the sky…

coup of dark nothing can tie my mortal being
because my soul is of your absolutely own
and in your dense obscurity
my spirit lives between…

shadows where the eternal hate
of the dark revenge…
shadows spumes just as
in darkness will live the planet…

my sword rise in your name
once i feel your clamed of war
spilling the blood from the mediums of the light
who shelter our enemies
the sentinels of the light…

those who duel to cause drowning
under the deep yoke of fake holiness

don’t exist in me mercy for them…
cause they live in blindness
following the steps
of the submission
the temple where they wait
for their total destruction
when in heaven raise
the immense obscurity…

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