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lirik lagu inner mass decay – cenotaph


distorted visions of an obscure mind
beyond insanity, beyond your f-cking life
non alive, carving through the inside
isolated functions of an infected soul
deformity, melting, rotting inhuman brain
worthless sufficient agony
falling with an eternal pessimism
instinct of sudden lunacy
morbid chamber of darkness
sinister thoughts never left me behind
inhuman sick mind, i filled with the vengange
this is l-st of rotting, growing anger inside me
inner pain, nonsense of emptiness
schredded precious of blood
dying in mortal memories
urge to f-ck, will to kill
bleed yourself, final bloodbath
putridy of silence, inner m-ss decay
nonsense of living, violated anger is boiling
just finish your nonsense life
stop your inner conflict inside