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lirik lagu innocent man – mark morrison

(feat. dmx)

[morrison:] that’s my time
[choir:] that we

[choir:] in a
[morrison:] county jail
[echo:] jail

[choir:] just when
[morrison:] just when things
[echo:] things

[choir:] started
[morrison:] going well
[echo:] well

[choir:] and i
[morrison:] paid the price
[choir:] for the
[morrison:] crimes i did
[choir:] wanna
[morrison:] change my life
[choir:] wanna
[morrison:] raise my kids

[choir:] i’m an innocent man
[morrison:] misunderstood
[choir:] i’m an innocent man
[morrison:] just from the hood
[choir:] i’m an innocent man
[morrison:] misunderstood
[choir:] i’m an innocent man
[morrison:] a man is good

[morrison:] promised her
[choir:] that i
[morrison:] that i’d change
[choir:] gonna
[morrison:] live my life
[choir:] in a
[morrison:] better way
[choir:] have a
[morrison:] little you
[echo:] you
[choir:] and a
[morrison:] little me
[choir:] so we
[morrison:] can settle down
[choir:] and live
[morrison:] happily


if everyone else had my eyes
then, who i am wouldn’t be a surprise
just because i’m locked up don’t mean i’m f-cked up in the game
just to think the motha dirt they trying to throw on my name
get arrested – getting arrested don’t make me guilty
but by the time i make it to court
the media dun’ killed me
gotta good heart but we all do wrong
i really mean well but i’m going too strong
you say i’m rehabilitated, but i still can’t vote
you say i paid my debt but i still can’t vote
gotta pay taxes but i still can’t vote
come on dawg ya’ll stay trying to keep a n-gg- broke
you just as crooked as us, f-ck you trying to say
cause once i pay that dough, the charges go away
forget about it – it’s ok!
cause i’m a walk over here and let the lord pave my way – aight

[morrison:] change the life
[choir:] that i
[morrison:] that i live
[choir:] got me
[morrison:] living five?
[choir:] living
[morrison:] manity?
[choir:] need you
[morrison:] need the thing
[echo:] thing
[choir:] that is
[morrison:] destroying me
[choir:] so i
[morrison:] pray to god
[choir:] that it
[morrison:] has mercy

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