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lirik lagu inside burning – christafari

spabadabadabadaba bop spidada spop spop spaba daba spop spop spoba doba spop spee da da da (repeat) lord my jesus ya. look at me here now i am man, a dark and twisted picture of my father’s hand. so i will chase down the horizon to rest at your front door. i light a candle in your name and burn straight down to the floor. chorus: i’m inside burning set to flame-burn away (heb. 12: 29). so quick releasing what i’ve taken on for me (i cor. 13: 11). i’m inside burning soul fire flicker never fade, so strong the feeling of love – where my foundation is laid (ii tim. 2: 14). i will to tear the fence down from around where i live, i will kick my doors down just to find out lord where you abide, i will tear myself wide open till i’ve nothing left to give

and i will pour myself out so you can live inside (eph. 5: 18). chorus 3x.

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