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lirik lagu inside of you – baken beans

inside of you

i’m a guy who’s interested in s-xual affairs,
my d-ck’s my friend, we love big t-ts and pubic hair,
a beautiful black triangel between a woman’s legs
and tender hands to scratch my b-lls inside their bags,
i like to lick my tongue between a woman’s lips,
i like to rub my d-ck between gigantic t-ts,
i don’t waste my time by asking “voulez vous?”,
i wanna be inside of you,
to blow away my sperm i really just know what to do

i wanna be inside of you…

i’m not only interested in v-g-n-l s-x,
your body has differend openings, not just between the legs,
a mouth, an -n-s, that means oral and -n-l,
i try everything, nothing is unable,
i ain’t no macho, i’m aslo no s-xist,
it also happens that a woman can resist,
then i grab my d-ck and i know exactly what to do
and i think i’m inside of you,
i declare my love to you that is what i wanna do…

i wanna be inside of you…

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