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lirik lagu interloper – ansur


the cataclysm caused the waters to rise and fall and eventually render seas dry,
and these barren fields were once more walked upon by men
in the midst of the ever-stretching dunes,
an expidition finds metallic ruins previously submerged,
and excavations revealed a crash site of a vessel
a code was recovered from the insides,
its origin so old that its relations could be found in any culture
before the erasure befell
there was even further mystifications when the carved
codes foretold the erasure itself…

giant salt desert
laid to waste under the scarring sky
a fitting symbiose for such settings

…into the deepening desert

sow men the belief shield,
its splintering here lied buried
paint men the portrait of consequence,
with motives of dunes

-after weeks traipsing, they saw something

we never imagined such findings.
are we ment to solve the code,
or is it our undoing?

.and in the deserts roamed lawless men,
existing in the shadow
of what they could not understand.

ungodly asperous waste,
what crazed prey would risk inhabitance?
devoutly living off the barren plains
awe of the relic unaccountable

ulterior to the sands,
we made our greatest discovery
unexaminable alloys subsumed,
and a component of uttermost significance

their greatest minds solved the code partially,
but no one knew what they would find,
ascertaining the existance of the unknown

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