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lirik lagu internal darkness – clan of xymox

sunshine, i wait for dawns recurrent light
i ponder in my narrow house and warm myself
moonlight, calmly shines through the night
i stare at these old photographs, my heart beats fast

i find no peace to read or write
my soul is lost, my spirit’s down
there’s no one in the dark
my little world has lost it’s light

the dim serene, i can’t escape at all and my thoughts reveal
i can’t forget the better days behind closed doors
i’m still confused and longing for

behind these lowered window blinds
i’m holding back the tears and find
i think i shall never know
why i’m like this and you are so

we all grow, what happened through the years where dreams lie still
i tried to change it all and found dreams lie dead
i can’t redo it all again

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