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lirik lagu intro – backstreet boys

once again coming for the game
who can stop me now?
first and foremost, i’d like to apologize to the public
for allowing y’all to endure (sosa)
all that watered-down, over-proofed thug sh-t (sosa)
see when you in the inside looking out
it’s hard to see the person on the outside looking in (sosa)
let me express myself

(verse 1)
the first bars i’ve ever spitted i scarred the game
since then all the jewels and the cars done changed
had to circ-mcize the snakes, disregard their names
so when i spit now, i involve the pain
convinced every religion that the god done came
to me, it’s ’88 and i’m as large as kane
no need for spotlights, trying to dodge the fame
already got lice so why try m-ssage my brain
bbs’s, cl-stered up carved in my chain
freezing the same flesh, once i’m dead and desolve in flames
honor the name, sos’ love drama the same
so all y’all claim to be realer n-gg-z, calmer than came
hear this
i’m unemotional, my eyes is tearless
no regrets, my only threat is that i die careless
catch me, f-ck sales long as the streets accept me
it’s respect before the money if i’m on correctly
vet status
crown sos’ the best at this
holla, this hot sh-t be the next cl-ssic

now let’s begin

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