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lirik lagu intro – notorious b.i.g.

[puff daddy]
c’mon shorty stay push, c’mon
c’mon, c’mon push it’s almost there
one more time, c’mon
[baby cries]
c’mon push baby, one more time
[baby cries]
harder harder, push harder
push, push, c’mon
one more time, here it goes!
i see the head!
yeah c’mon!
yeah! yeahhhh!
you did it baby, yeah!

[curtis mayfield’s “super fly” plays over this]

[sugarhill gang’s “rappers delight” fades in]

… the hibby, the hibby dibby hip hop and ya don’t stop!
rock it out baby bubba, to the boogedy bang bang
the boogey to the boogedy beat
now what you hear is not a test, i’m rappin, to the beat

[voice comes in over]
god d-mnit, what the f-ck are you doin?
you can’t control that god d-mn boy? (what?)
i just saw ms. jersey, he told me he caught the
motherf-ckin boy and chopped him
(get your black -ss off!)
you can’t control the god, i don’t know
what the f-ck to do with that boy
(what the f-ck do you, whatta you do?)
if if you can’t f-ckin control him
(all you f-ckin do is b-tch at me)
b-tch, what i say, i’ma send his motherf-ckin -ss
to a group home godd-mnit, what??
i’ll smack the sh-t outta you b-tch
take your black -ss, the f-ck outta here)
otherf-cker, you are f-ckin up
(comin in here, smellin like pile of sh-t, dumb motherf-cker)

[sugarhill fades out, audio two fades in]

gizmo’s cuttin, up for the
suckers that’s, down with me!

what n-gg- you wanna rob them motherf-ckin trains you crazy?
[b.i.g.:] yes, yes, motherf-cker, motherf-ckin right, n-gg- yes
n-gg- what the f-ck n-gg-? we gonna get…
[b.i.g.:] n-gg- it’s eighty-seven n-gg-, is you dead broke?
yeah n-gg- but, but…
[b.i.g.:] motherf-cker is you broke motherf-cker?
we need to get some motherf-ckin paper n-gg-
yeah but n-gg- it’s a train ain’t n-body robbed no motherf-ckin train
[b.i.g.:] just listen man, your mother givin you money n-gg-?
my moms don’t give me sh-t n-gg-, it’s time to get paid n-gg-
is you wit me? [gun clicks] motherf-ck is you wit me?
yeah i’m wit you n-gg- c’mon
[b.i.g.:] alright then n-gg- lets make it happen then
all you motherf-ckers get on the f-ckin floor! -blam blam-
get on the motherf-ckin floor!
[b.i.g.:] chill, give me all your motherf-ckin money
and don’t move n-gg-!
[b.i.g.:] give me all your motherf-ckin money, i want the jewelry
give me every f-ckin thing
n-gg- i’d shut the f-ck up or i’ma blow your motherf-ckin brains out!
n-gg-, give me your jewerly, give me your wallet
[b.i.g.:] f-ck you b-tch, get up off that sh-t
what the f-ck you holdin on to that sh-t for b-tch?

open c-74, smalls

mr. smalls, let me walk you to the door
so how does it feel leavin us?
[b.i.g.:] c’mon man, what kind of f-ckin question is that man?
tryin to get the f-ck up out this joint dog
yeah, yeah, you’ll be back
you n-gg-z always are
[b.i.g.:] go head man, what the f-ck is you hollerin about?
you won’t see me up in this motherf-cker no mroe
we’ll see
[b.i.g.:] i got big plans n-gg-, big plans, hahahahaha

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