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lirik lagu introduction – 666

killer dude: jesus christ man what the f-ck are you doing?
god d-mn it i said what the f-ck are you doing?
antichrist: motherf-cking hoes sucking my god d-mn d-ck

is there a god out there?
i dont really care
all i wanna do
is motherf-ck you
i got b-tches in my house
i got gold in my mouth
what else do i need
to stop this d-mn bleed

(killer dude)
you know what?
i dont give a flyin f-ck
what these norms have to say
ima do things my way
but not like fred durst
yes i do curse
my life is the worst
no peace, no sh-t, no girls
my motherf-ckin world
has been twirled and swirled
the f-ck im s’posed to do
i really wanna f-ck you
but you wont f-ckin let me
even though i drive a bentley


i hate children
i hate my mom
although she looks s-xy
in a thong
my life is long
born in hong kong
livin like a god
lookin like a dog
smokin like a nald
jumpin like a frog
eatin like a pig
drinkin like a sh-t

jesus was born on the 25th
i was born on the sh-tty sh-t sh-t
f-ck all religion
its all a sh-t
a motherf-ckin wh-r-
suckin motherf-ckin d-ck
we cuss like sh-t
smoke like sh-t
and drink like sh-t
choke like sh-t
my daddy is a n-gg-r
and i am a wigger
but who gives a f-ck
not this b-tch
she wont give me a hug

(who’s who)
eat my c-m
ya d-ck sucker
i am
like a
dont f-ck with me
i’ll tie you to a tree
you wont be able to breath
i’ll choke you by your sleeve
haha haha


cuz we are 6-6-6
bow down before us
jesus christ
cant f-ck with us

killer dude: oh my god man what are you doing
d-mn what the f-ck are you doing
antichrist: your motherf-ckin mother sucking my god d-mn d-ck
killer dude: you piece of sh-t
oh my god mom you b-tch wh-r-
sl-t lady: god d-mn it jason i can suck who i want
killer dude: go back to hooters you f-cking ho

public announcer: this has been 666 reminding you to worship satan
dont f-ck with sl-t lady, she’s a f-cking wh-r-

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