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lirik lagu it’ll do – rachael yamagata

it’s not romantic.
it’s not the first time.
it isn’t magic.
it isn’t soulful.
it won’t be true for me or you,
but it’ll do.
it’ll do.

it isn’t heartful.
it isn’t lovesick.
it won’t be precious.
it won’t be tender.
it’s not a fairytale.
it wasn’t heaven-sent,
but it’ll do.
it’ll do.

i’ll p-ss the time with you,
because it’s so simple and sweet.
they’ll be no hard times to get through.
nothing to fear.
and when the day is done.
we have all had our fun.
we will both find a place to sleep.

i’m not a savior, i’m not a saint.
i’m not a partner, i’m not a friend.
i’m not a blessing, i’m not a gift.
i will not cry when this ends.
i’m not a muse to feed your soul.
but i’ll do, for you.

you’ll p-ss the time with me,
’cause it’s so dark and free.
it won’t be good for me.
but it’ll do.

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