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lirik lagu it wears me down – pods


hey joe whattaya know
you come to the show with your dreams in tow
hey fay whattaya say
you think you’re lonely ’cause you’ve been played
well d-mn man rise and stand
i ain’t gonna map some worthless plan
now h-ll girl this is your world
i ain’t got a clue or some wisdom pearls
what do you want that your tears can’t find?
your lost confidence ain’t in my life
i don’t have nothin’ for someone ‘sides me
but you look and you cry and you want me to bleed
hard enough time just to find my own way
but when i want to go you’re makin’ me stay
i know the cost deep in my heart
but the wheels keep turning on this farce
it wears me down
hey sue black and blue
you found someone to hurt for you
hey pat you know about that
you showed me the scars lined on your back
h-ll’s bells this is myself
and i don’t gotta care for anyone else
it’s me, see, and i wanna be free
once i had a life but you took it from me
it wears me down