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lirik lagu stage 4 – juiceb☮x


dip my foot into the water watch it ripple
i run the bases like singles, doubles & triples
but death is the home run
music is forever vibrations cradle the soul son
deep plunge into the orange
it’s so fun once you drop all of that faux stuff
so tough until you dress the cut
and let it burn, cause really that’s the only way to learn
flashbacks of the switched and pay*less
drop*in just to make an acquaintance
the only law is the law of attraction
a higher satisfaction brought by interaction
the universe’ll play chess with you
only if you make the first move, yes it’s true
the likelihood of our existence is a decimal
so very small and fragile so you better eat your vegetables!
if you can somehow make your ever truth your revenue, then clever you
if not, don’t sweat it dude
keep at it it’ll happen if you let it through
you may not like the taste but the truth is always edible
i spit it medical utterly unforgettable
fluttering through a meadow of a hundred million pedicles
my theoretical echo explores the mecca of vectors and fractals
flying it back like pterodactyls
life experiences steadily redacted
sometimes it takes a backflip to fast forward the bad sh*t
mad sick
sweating out the toxins
i’m pork choppin’ all you roger blood klotz’
sriachas and pastas that drove me crazy
i can’t even pr*nounce nothin’, pass the pur*plè hay*zee
i may be, spittin’ like jay*z with rabies
rollin in the daises for days sun rays see my face
we breathe until our body feels sp*cey
my heart wins the race when its no longer racing
it’s not about erasing
more like retracing while chasing the same thing, everlasting brain freeze
hey, he’s been through a lot, can you refrain, please?
grown*ass men acting like babies
i throw a towel in and breathe like a shaolin monk
only way that i can harness the funk
as we debunk all the junk that the government slung
hear the hum in a slum where the government shuns
i can feel it in my plums
the fruit of our labor
they were focused on their neighbor while the leader was the traitor
what do you aim for?
and if you came for the reins let the rain pour
and wash away your pain more
but it’s already stage 4